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‘Ushtra’ is Sanskrit word, which means camel. This asana is therefore called camel posture

First sit in Vajrasana posture and stand up on your knees. Gradually separate your knees until they are about 25 to 30 cm apart. Now place your hands on your waist in such a way that your fingers should be towards your abdomen and your thumbs on your kidneys towards your back. In this state, throw your neck back and also bend backward from your waist. When the bend is complete, take your hands off your waist and put them on the soles of your feet. Throw your abdomen outwards from the front and your neck as far back as possible. Stay in this position for some times and take breath in a normal way. While coming back, place your hands on your waist and stand erect on your knees. Then sit in the rest posture.



It has good effect on the glands of the neck. The fatness of the belly and waist are gradually removed and the body becomes more elastic. It corrects the digestive system and removes the disorders of the abdomen. It gives energy to the chest and the lungs. And checks tridosha.