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By road: For those traveling from Ahmedabad, a coach/bus service may be more convenient than the train. Several private companies run sleeper buses (with a full horizontal bunk), leaving the city for Bhuj between 8pm and 11pm, arriving in Bhuj between 6am and 8am the next morning. There are also several services running during the day but it is best to check with the company for exact timings. These bus companies all have their offices around Paldi in Ahmedabad; Sahjanand Travels and Patel Travels are two recommended ones, though there are others. There are also private sitting (non-sleeper) buses, and ST (State Transport) buses that make the trip more cheaply.

By rail: Two daily express trains; the Bhuj Express and the Kutch Express, travel from Mumbai to Ahmedabad (8hrs) and on to Bhuj (16hrs in total.) However, both trains pass through Ahmedabad in the middle of the night, as the schedules are designed to depart and arrive at reasonable hours from Bhuj and Mumbai, not Ahmedabad.

By air: One or more flights connect daily from Mumbai to Bhuj.

Once in Bhuj, ST buses go to larger destinations around the district, private jeeps can also be rented (a good option for larger parties), and some smaller places can only be reached by chhakdas /rikshaws.

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Shree Swaminarayan Temple - Bhuj

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