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This is Pranayama as well as a technique of arousing the Kundalini Shakti. Surya Bhedan aims at piercing and arousing the pingala Nadi, this arouses that part of the brain which is the source of Purusha Shakti. In other words, this Pranayama arouses and increases the latent powers of a person. It provides heat to the body and purifies blood. Its regular practice increases the red corpuscles in the blood significantly, and provides relief in the dreadful disease of leprosy. It invigorates the mind increases will power.



Sit in Padmasana. Plas the first two fingers of your right hand on the middle of the eyebrow and close the left nostril with the third finger. Inhale deeply and quickly through your right nostril. Now close the right nostril also with your thumb and do Antrik Kumbhaka. Perform all the three Bandhas also. Open the Bandhas one :first Uddiiyan, then breath out slowly during this Pranyama. Do it five time. Try to increase the duration of the Antrik Mumbhaka : first do it for half a minute, then increase to 2-3 minutes. The centre of Dhyana in this Pranayama should be Manipoorka chakra,i.e. Nabhi chakra. 

It is not necessary to practice all type of pranayama described above everyday. it is very important that Pranayama should be done under the guidance of an expert in this field, because a wrong step can mean more harm than good. Excessive practice beyond one’s capacity can also be very harmful. The golden rule is to do it according to your capacity. Also, choose the right Pranayama suitable for you and increase your practice very gradually. Generally, the practice of Nadi Shodhana and Ujjayee for 10-15 minutes daily is sufficient for a normal man.Kapalbhati,Bhastrika and Sheetali are usually done according to the season.