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There was a rich man. He had two sons. The elder was Suraj and the younger was Dhiraj. Both of them were studying in a school. Their teacher advised them to write in good handwriting very carefully but Suraj was very hasty in writing. His handwriting was not good. Dhiraj would write very patiently. His handwriting was very neat and clean. As they grew, they began their own business. Their father taught them with love how to run the business. He said, “My dear sons, be regular in writing your credit-debit account. Write it daily. How much you receive and how much you lend others should be written along with their names and places. Don't be lazy in writing the account.” Dhiraj followed his father's advice. He wrote in good handwriting the account daily. But Suraj said, “A person who fails to remember (whose memory is poor) writes the account. My memory is sharp I have everything at the tip of my tongue. I remember everything that is given or received.” Thus he was lazy in writing the account. He was very irregular in writing it.

Years passed and both of them married. They started living separately in separate houses. Their father arranged for them separate shops for running their business separately. He called them together and advised, “Spend according to your income. Save a little from your income.” The younger son Dhiraj understood his father's advice thoroughly. He wrote the account daily, and tried to find out with regular interval weather he earns or not, and if he does, how much. ? He saved a little from his earnings. He was very careful in spending the money. He never spent more than his income. The elder brother Suraj never behaved in this way. He even did not know how much or what he earned because he never noted down the account. Many a time he forgot to jot down the account. He behaved like a king when he had a big sum on hand. He thus became extravagant in spending money. Sometimes he had a shortage of money and fell in debt. Gradually the debt began to increase, while the income decreased.

His accounts were not properly maintained. He even failed to decipher what little account he had jotted down. Thus he could not recover the money. Then the situation worsened. His debts increased to such an extent that his shop was also sold. The firm was closed. And a time came when Suraj had to serve others to earn his daily bread. There was no limit to his miseries. On the other hand Dhiraj advanced in his business. He earned a lot of money and name along with fame too. He donated money in the construction of schools, guest-houses (inns), public-houses, dispensaries, temples, water-resources, etc.. He became very happy.


Spend according to your income. Don't spend more than that. One who spends more than his income suffers much. Remember this fact very well. Write daily in good handwriting whatever you earn and whatever you spend.

Learn by heart the following advice given to Dhiraj and Suraj by their father and teacher.

First Advice - Write in good handwriting.

Second Advice - Write daily the account of Credit Debit.

Third Advice - Do Not spend more than your income.