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God was every ready today to give Arjun what ever he wishes. He granted the wish of Arjun. He said, “Arjun, you won't be able to see my divine form by your physical eyes. So, I am going you divine sight”. Saying thus, God gave him divine sight.

Arjun had the Darshan of Universal form. That form was so bright that it seemed that thousands of suns are shining at a time. Not one or two, but innumerable universes were covered by that divine form. Arjun had the mixed feelings of surprise, joy and fear. Arjun joined his hands and began to pray, “O God, O Almighty! I see you form with innumerable hands, mouths and eyes. But I am unable to locate your beginnings, middles and end. ON seeing your this wonderful and horrible form, all the three worlds take to fright, and I am also frightened too. O Lord! Tell me who you are and what you are doing.

“O Arjun, I am KAL-death and I am at present engaged with the destruction of people. The warriors who have assembled here are definitely going to die whether you kill them or not. Hence, I advise you to kill them and be victorious. I have already killed Bhisma, Drone and others you will be only a cause.

ON hearing Lord Krishna's words, Arjun joined his hands and said to Krishna with choking voice, “O God! Now I recognised you! you are the God you are the beginning and the end! I bow you. As I was knowing your importance, I used to address you impolitely. I have never given you the respect you deserve. Forgive my sin. O God! Be merciful and be pleased with me ! Return to your original mild, gentle, pleasant form ! Krishna accepted Arjun's prayer and returned to His original form . He said to Arjuna, “O Arjun ! The divine form of mine that you witnessed is scarce even to Gods. Such a divine form of mine can not be had even by studying the VEDAS, alms, YAJNAS or by penance. There is only one way to have Darshan of my divine form and that is Bhakti - worship. A loyal worship! Only that devotee of mine who acts only for me, who is without jealousy gets it. So, O Arjun ! concentrate only in me, concentrate your intelligence only in me. Such a devotee is always dear to me. Such a devotee of mine will always be contented, selfless. He will never offend others nor will he offended by others. He will never be affected by joy or sorrow, love or jealousy, good or bad. He will never find any difference between (enemies) foes and friends, honour and dishonour, praise or slander, happiness and misery, cold and hot- all will be equal to him Such a devotee is very dear to me”. Arjun heard all this with great joy and enthusiasm.

Lord Krishna began to speak as if the wanted to disclose all his secrets to Arjun. “O Arjun ! This world is like a Pipal tree roots upward and branches downward. It ties man. There is only one way to be free from it - that is never to be attached with it. Never involve yourself in it saying” This is mine” and “That is mine”. O

Arjun ! This world is perishable and all knowing. Purush (God) is imperishable. But I am superior to perusable and inperusable.So people call me PURUSHOTTAM. One who knows this secret has successfully lived his life.

Arjun was a loving friend of Krishna. Moreover, he was Krishna's disciple and a devotee too. Therefore God wanted to enkindle all the corners of Arjun. He said, “O Arjun, There are two kinds of lives in the worlds - Divine and Devilish. Divine qualities mean divine wealth is fearlessness; he will never be afraid of any thing and will not serve from the path of devotion. Mercy, non-violence, alms, humility and patience , are his other qualities. Contrary to this, the man having devilish wealth has passion, wrath, greed, attachment, fascination, honour and pride pretence etc. He has no quality of good conduct and truth. He doesn't believe in God. He says that this world is created accidentally. He thinks of about wealth the whole day. He is busy collecting more and more wealth. He understands himself God, all powerful - Omnipotent, and rich. He thinks “I will eat, drink and be merry. If I give alms or show mercy to others will only for a show”. Such devilish men are jealous of others. Thus, they hate others and hate me in turn. Hatred towards man is hatred towards God in man. O Arjun ! Wish, anger and greed are three doors leading to Hell! Therefore keep away from it.

Thus God preached Arjun too much. At last he said, “O Arjun ! As you are the dearest to me, listen to my last advice. Concentrate in me. You will achieve me by doing so. Avoid thinking otherwise and surrender to me totally. I will never allow you to sin. Don't worry. What do you want to do now?” Arjuna told him with prayer, “O God! I have come to realise about my duty. All my attachment has disappeared. I am prepared to fight”. In the battle field of duty on the battle field of KURUKSHETRA, Arjun did fight according to Lord Krishna's advice. One whose charioteer is God is bound to win”.

We have to make God our charioteer and we will win.

Kurukshetra where the battle between Kauravas and Pandavas took place is called DHARMKSHETRA because it was for DHARMA and to establish DHARMA.