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Shreeji Maharaj was very fond of wrestling from the early childhood. He had defeated many wrestlers before he left the house at the age of eleven. He appeared very lean and thin in physique, but his strength was boundless. He came to Saurashtra after travelling far and wide in the whole of India as Nilkanth. At that time his body had become a skeleton. Everybody wondered how such a skeleton-like man had so powerful soul. Maharaj established SATSANG after he became the heir of Ramanand Swami. It is wonderful to know that enthusiasm prevailed everywhere. He used to roam from village to village and worked day and night. Many times he used to visit Kutch. There was a great association of Ramanand's followers. Gangaram Mall was a big name among these devotees.

Gangaram had become favourite of Maharaj by exhibiting his wrestling on various occasions like YAJNA, SAMIYA, and UTSAV. Maharaj gave him clothes and ornaments as presents on many occasions. Maharaj also visited his house many times.

There were many such wrestlers in different villages of Kutch. Once Maharaj visited a certain follower in a village named Adhoi in Kutch. All the four sons of this devotee were attending to (in the service of) Maharaj. All these sons were doubting Lord Krishna's heroism in killing great monsters like Aghasur and Bakasur because Lord Krishna was very lean and thin. “How is it possible? Did Lord Krishna really kill Kansa?” These were the doubts in their minds. Once all these four sons put forth their doubts before Maharaj.

Maharaj merely smiled. After this incident, Maharaj once asked these boys, “Who is the strongest among you four?” Three of them answered at a time, “Raydhanji.” He is the youngest in us, but he is the greatest in strength. He can break eight coconuts together at a time.” Maharaj showed his surprise and asked,” Eight coconuts! And at a time! How?” “Two pressed in the armpits, two under the elbows, two in the thighs, two between knee-joints, and then he would twist the whole body in such a way that all the eight coconuts would turn to pieces at a time,” was the answer of three brothers! “Oh ! This is nothing,” they continued, Raydhanji, when really in form, would turn a betel nut (areca nut) into powder by pressing it between a thumb and a finger. Even a nutcracker would not do such a nice powder!”

Maharaj exclaimed, “Simply wonderful !” Then he asked, Raydhanji to come forward and to hold his (Maharaj's) wrist. Raydhanji said, “Maharaj, your body has become slender by penance, so it is not proper for so strong man like me to hold tightly your wrist.” “Don't worry,” continued Maharaj, “you may hold my wrist.” Raydhanji obeyed and held Maharaj's wrist, but very softly. “Not that way,” ordered Maharaj, “Hold it tightly.” Raydhanji very politely said, “Maharaj,

your wrist will be dislocated.” Again Maharaj told Raydhanji not to worry but hold it tightly

When Raydhanji held Maharaj's wrist with his hand, Maharaj again told him to hold it with two hands. Maharaj warned him thrice to hold it as strongly as possible, and all of a sudden Maharaj gave such a jerk to the hand that Raydhanji was lifted up in the air and Maharaj caught him and pressed him in his armpit. Raydhanji perspired profusely and he fainted. Looking to Raydhanji's poor face, Maharaj let loose his hand and freed Raydhanji.

Raydhanji could not speak a single word, he simply sat caressing his hand. He confessed, “Maharaj, you have reduced me almost to death.” Maharaj smiled, looked at the four brothers and said, “Have you now realized how Lord Krishna at a young age killed many monsters and Kansa?” All the four brothers said, “Maharaj, we have now known your potentiality. You are not small or weak in body. You are not an ordinary person to gossip with. You are fit to be worshiped and served. You yourself are Shri Hari.” The dark clouds of their doubts vanished and their faith became stronger.

There are various types of strength - physical, mental, and intelligent strength. But the strength of God is the greatest of all. The man who depends upon God's strength (power) has nothing to fear of.