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Ramanand Swami gave Nilkanth Varni the names of Sahajanand Swami and Narayan Muni after his initiation at the village called Pipalana. Then within a short span of a year Ramanand swami installed Sahajanand Swami on his own seat. Sahajanand Swami was only twenty years of age at that time. His disciples were older than him, and some of them were twice in age than him.

After some time, Ramanand Swami died. Hardly thirteen days had passed after his death a certain Brahmin by the name of Shitaldas came there for Ramanand Swami's Darshan. But he was disappointed to know that Ramananda Swami had passed away and a very young chap was seated on his place. He thought of going back, when Shriji Maharaj told him, “Why hurry? Please sit,” “Maharaj”, said Shitaldas, “ I have come to have the Darshan of Ramanand Swami”. “Oh! That's the matter? No worry. I will give you a Mantra. Start reciting and repeating it. Say “Swaminarayan, Swaminarayan, Swaminarayan,” said Maharaj.

Shitaldas started repeating the Mantra. In doing so, he fell into a trance. He had a vision - Darshan- of Shriji Maharaj in Akshardham. He saw that Ramanand Swami was attending on Maharaj. He said to Ramanand Swami, “I was regarding you as God”. “NO”, replied Ramanand Swami, “God is sitting before me”. Shitaldas returned from the trance and narrated this story to all those present in the conference. All said, “Then show us the Akshardham and remove all our doubts.”

Maharaj smiled and said, “Repeat the name of Swaminarayan in the whole gathering, and within a moment all fell into trance. All had the Darshan of the Akshardham, and the Master of Akshardham. Everyone was now sure that the person sitting in front of them is God PURUSHOTTAM Himself. Then they awoke from the trance. They bowed down their heads to God. From that day onward the SWAMINARAYAN mantra had its descent on the earth, and with its descent every one recognised its significance. The search for Shitaldas was over. He bowed to Shriji Maharaj and said, “Maharaj, take me to your service”. Maharaj initiat ed him with a new name of Vyapakanand.