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There was a man. Once he fell sick. Someone advised him to use a particular medicine. He used it. Some other suggested another. He also tried that. While another advised him to call that mendicant who will drive away his illness with the help of magic or spell. He also called him. That mendicant tried his best but all in vain. Someone suggested to seek help of a person who exorcises evil spirits. He was called. That exorcist tied a black thread to a leg of the cot and said, “Now your sickness is bound to go.”

At that time someone suggested him to call Shriji Maharaj. By his blessings the sick man will be cured. The sick man's relatives ran to Maharaj; and requested him to go with them. Maharaj was very kind. He went to his place and stood near the sick man's bed. Maharaj noticed a black thread tied to the leg of the sick man's cot. Maharaj knew that, this was the house where superstition prevailed. Shriji Maharaj will not be where superstition magic, charm, and spell persist. Where these things are absent, Maharaj will be there. Without saying a word, Shriji Maharaj turned his back.