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There was a tailor in Bhavnagar City. His name was Aatmaram. He was an expert tailor. He worshipped Shriji Maharaj heartily. He prepared a coat for Shriji Maharaj. For this he worked hard for days and nights. Then he offered it to Shriji Maharaj. Maharaj liked the coat very much. He wore it. He said, “Bhagat, the coat is very fine.” “Ask for anything and it shall be given.” “Take my care, Maharaj, I want only that much,” said Aatmaram. Maharaj agreed, “It shall be done.” “If you are pleased, we are pleased,” said Aatmaram. Maharaj was overjoyed. This story reached the ears of the king of Bhavnagar. “I shall also have the similar type of coat,” thought the king. He sent for Aatmaram and said, “Prepare such a coat for me and I will give you as much as you want.” This means that Aatmaram would get rupees, a house, a farm or land, whatever he demands. Aatmaram was a poor man. He came to Bhavnagar from elsewhere.

So if he pleased and if he gets the wealth, Aatmaram would get rid of permanent poverty. Moreover, his tailoring business would run smoothly and better as a king's tailor. But his mind was very much attached to Maharaj. He kicked out the temptation of wealth and fame. He said to the king, “O king! please pardon me.” “I can not sew such a coat for you!” The king was astonished, “Why? I will give you the finest piece of cloth.” “I will give you all facilities you want.” “That's true, O king, but one thing more is required for that.” “That thing I don't have now,” replied Aatmaram. The king was overwhelmed. “What more is required for this ?” asked the king. “Love, affection, devotion! I have taken stitches of love in Maharaja's coat.” “Where shall I get this affection from, for your coat ?” humbly replied Aatmaram.

Had there been any other king, he would have become angry with Aatmaram. But this was Bhavnagar Naresh (king). He could not be angry. He at once understood that. How can we find the similar love of a person for his king as he (person) has for his God? Instead of becoming angry with Aatmaram, the king was very much pleased with him and congratulated Aatmaram, awarded a prize to Aatmaram for not preparing his coat. Aatmaram bowed the king with love.