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There was a learned `Charan' named Gaja Gadhavi. He was a staunch follower of Shriji Maharaj. He regarded Shriji Maharaja's walking not as an ordinary walking of an ordinary man but divine. He has composed many devotional songs on Shriji Maharaja's walk. Once on hearing Gadhavi's reputation, the king of Dhrangadhra called for him. It was a marriage occasion of the king's son. At this time the kings used to encourage charan to compose songs of their praises and awarded them prizes on hearing their eulogies. The king of Dhranghadra had an inner feeling that he would award a precious prize to Gaja Gadhavi if he comes and composes the king's eulogies. There will be an acclamation of my generosity everywhere.

He requested Gadhavi, “O poet of poets, sing a song describing this occasion.” Gadhavi did not say anything. The king repeatedly requested, “O Gadhavi, learning stays at the top of your tongue. You will easily compose a poem.” Gadhavi replied, “O king, how can one chew a charcoal in the mouth which knows how to chew only pan? How can we sing praises of man with the tongue which has only sung God's devotional songs?” The king thought that Gadhavi was afraid that he (king) would not fully appreciate his art, so the king said very proudly, “O Gadhavi, I will not lag behind in appreciating your art. I will give you not one! but two! villages as a gift.”

The temptation of getting two villages as a gift was not a small one. But he was Gaja Gadhavi. He said, “Your honour, God has given me the whole of Akshardham (heaven) as a gift. Your gift and estate are nothing compared to God's gift.” Saying this, Gaja Gadhavi saluted the king and the court, and departed. He was a spirited follower of Shriji Maharaj. The man who has such a spirit is never influenced upon by the temptation or greed.