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When we read the Leela's today, some people might feel that had they been born during the times when Shriji was there, they would have remained engrossed in the service of Shriji, they would have renounced the worldly pleasures for the sake of Shriji's service, they would have been so humble that they would have listened Shriji's teachings by hiding in the heaps of the shoes of his devotees. But I am helpless.

I am born in 21 and 22nd century! It is because of the favour of Shriji that I have today received the SATSANG of Shriji's saints, followers and temples. It has happened so because of Shriji's wish. Shriji's wish means Shriji's favour. Whatever exists or happens in the world, it is because of Shriji's favour. By placing me amist the cherished goal by his favour. So I, touching Shriji's feet with gratitude, remember him with love. And I declare my firm conviction that Shriji will protect me always and everywhere by giving me power, devotion and intelligence.