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After completing penance in the Himalayas, Neelkantha Varni started pilgrimage to various Indian places of pilgrimage. He came to a village of Asam. There lived a Brahmin whose name was Pibek. He had accomplished the black art, after offering PRASAD to the Goddess, He used to eat meat and drink wine. He used to frighten away the people by various methods of black art, charmed threads etc. His appearance was also fearful. The whole village was afraid of him. He would frighten away even the Sadhus who happened to visit the village. He would force such Sadhus to take meat and wine. Neelkanth Varnee was accompanied by other Sadhus, he heard the tales of Pibek.

So all Varni's companions were afraid of Pibek. But Varnee said to them, “Don't be afraid of Pibek. However great Pibek might be, God is the greatest of all.” Pibek came to know that a young celibate of sixteen had come to the village, and advised people never to be afraid of Pibek . So he fretted and fumed. He with his followers arrived to the place where Varnee stayed. His appearance was strange, he had a TRISHULA in one hand. His whole body was besmeared with vermilion, a black TIKA on his forehead, his head was covered with a red cloth. long and untied hair on the head, a garland made of a cat's bones. As soon as he saw Varnee, he cried out with anger, “O boy, do you want to witness my accomplishment?” Saying thus, he threw some charmed grains of corn on a banyan tree; suddenly the leaves of that tree fell down and the tree withered. Pibek said, “O boy, likewise I will destroy you in a moment. So be wise and become my follower.”

Varnee said, “ If you are a tree accomplished Sadhu, recvive this tree.” “Not possible. The thing killed by me is killed for ever,” said Pibek. Varnee smiled and said, “Then accept the truth that you only know to kill but not how to give life. You are incomplete.” Saying thus, Varnee took some water from his KAMANDL [A wooden vessel for water carried by Sadhus] and sprinkled it on the dried banyan tree. Within a wink of an eye the tree was transformed into ever-green tree. The people who witnessed this were surprised. But Pibek did not understand any thing. He said, “I will destroy you just now.” Saying this, Pibek threw some charmed grains of black-beans [Adad] [Phaseolus Radiatus] on Varni's head. But nothing happened to Varnee. Pibek tried again and again. He invited all witches, ghosts, demons to whom he knew and asked them to kill Varnee. Even they could not come before Varnee.

On the other hand, they all sprang and fell upon Pibek. They began to beat Pibek. Pibek was so much beaten that he fell down unconscious on the ground. When Pibek regained his consciousness, he was sure that his accomplishment is of no use before Varni. He realised that his achievement is false; and that true accomplishment was with Varni. He fell at Varni's feet and prayed for pardon, “O

Lord, take me under your protection.” Varnee preached him about good behaviour and true worship. Pibek's whole life was changed, Varnee stayed in that village for one full month.