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Agatarai is a village in Sauashtra. There lived a farmer named Parvatbhai. He was a devotee of Shriji Maharaj. He contineuously recited the name of Maharaj while sleeping, eating or working in his field such as ploughing, sowing, or reaping. He regarded all works as of Maharaj, “I am an agent of Maharaj and I work on his behalf”, said he. Many times Maharaj praised Parvatbhai in the meeting and said, “Parvatbhai is such a devotee as would not leave anything for the saint or God. He would never change our instructions and would do as we say”. Once on hearing the praises of Parvatbhai from Maharaj's mouth, some Kathi devotees decided to test and verify this. They told Maharaj, “Take us at least once to Parvatbhai's place”. “Come On”, said Maharaj.

Riding the horses, Kathi devotees started along with Maharaj. They reached Agatarai. Parvatbhai welcomed Maharaj, spread a cot for Maharaj to sit upon and began service, devotion by shampooing the feet of Maharaj. Kathi devotees looked at one another and said, “Maharaj was praising Parvatbhai very much but this Parvatbhai is least concerned about other devotees. He neither offers a glass of water to us nor grass to our horses”. Maharaj understood this. He said to Parvatbhai, “Bhagat, all these devotees have come. Where should they tie the horses? Why are you sitting doing nothing? Welcome them at least with a glass of water or whey.” “Maharaj”, replied Parvatbhai,” the servant looks after everything in the absence of his master. But when the master has come, why should the servant worry? The servant has to follow/obey the master's order. You are the master and I am your servant. All this belongs to you. You are the owner. The master has come. Now you have to look after everything.”

Kathi devotees heard this. Maharaj told them, “Did you hear? Nothing belongs to Parvatbhai here. Everything is ours. And you are ours. So this all belongs to you. Take whatever you want.” Kathi devotees were amazed. Now they were sure that Maharaj was not unnecessarily praising Parvatbhai. We worry about our houses; our horses and our prestige. Whereas Parvatbhai worries about nothing except Maharaj.