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Once Shriji Maharaj came to Anand from Vadtal. He was taken into a procession along with saints and devotees. Some jealous persons did not like this. They stormed. They abused Maharaj in the centre of the market, and pelted him with cow-dung, dust, pebbles, brick-bats, and whatever was available to them. There were some Kathi devotees in the procession, one of them being Joban Pagi who was feared by all. They had swords too. They could not tolerate the insult of Maharaj. They became angry. Their hands went on their sword hilts. Soon Maharaj saw this and ordered them, "No please!" Maharaja's order was always to be respected.

Kathis who never obey others, obeyed Maharaj, but with great difficulty they could be persuaded. The procession returned to Vadtal. Maharaj said, "We have achieved a great thing today." "We have achieved nothing, on the contrary we have been insulted with stones, cow-dung etc.," said the Kathi devotees. "It would have been better had we been killed on the spot. What is this life if we get nothing but insults and shame from the people?" Maharaj smiled and said, "I appreciate your love for me, but don't behave as others do. We are Swaminarayanis. It is not our dignity or reputation to be angry and to be revengeful. We kept quiet today and suffered. Our dignity or reputation has been increased."

Commandment of SHISHAPATRI -16

"One may commit misdeed against the other or may come under the spell of the rage still on one shall not cut or harm with any instrument any part of his own body or of others."