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Shriji Maharaj was once camping in Pranty town. He called a meeting of devotees daily. There were discourses and `bhajans' in the meeting. Such a meeting once continued longer. Midnight approached. Maharaj was about to go to bed. There came a woman and stood before Maharaj with folded arms. She was a Bania. Her name was Navalbai. Maharaj said to her, “O woman, why do you weep? Tell me the reason for your crying”.

“Maharaj, you have come here for the last three days, but I could not come for your Darshan. My husband had forcibly shut me up in a room. I have come here deceiving him. Maharaj, kindly save me from this trouble. Take me under your protection”, said the woman. “O lady, whosoever remembers me even once keenly I do unfailingly protect him”. Don't worry, your trouble will be wiped out”, consoled Maharaj. The lady was very consoled by these words. She said “Maharaj, how unlucky I am” “O lady, your luck is very poor” said Maharaj.

“O Maharaj, how dare bad-luck stay with me when you are there?” asked the woman. “ O woman, happiness or misery is the result of our deeds done during previous birth. Both of you were at enmity in your previous births. Try to forget that enimosity and replace it by mutual love fore you are born as husband and wife. If you suffer the trouble through understanding that enmity will disappear and there will be no trouble. Do you understand what I say?”, said Maharaj. The woman was intelligent. She said that she would follow what Maharaj had said.

“Now tell me what do you want me to do?” asked Maharaj. New strength had now dawned upon her. She said with a singing voice, “Let sorrow come as much as it can. I am not going to be cowed down. And I am never going to say a holiday to your holy name”. Maharaj was pleased with her and blessed her, “ May your wishes be granted Amen!”. The woman returned home with firm steps.

This lesson is based on an occasion described in the fourth part of the great volume `SATSANGHI BHOOSHAN' written by Varniyraj Vasudevananda Swami. The original is written in sanskrit but its translation is available.

The law of Fatalism, the theory of predestination, (KARMA) is a fundamental principal of the whole Hindu Religion. All intellectuals of the world accept the truth of this principle today.