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Jnani dhyanine lagya dhakka dhara par, Jano nathi fajeto e chhano.
Sneh nahi jene Sahjanand shu, Shu thayu kartha re Jnan.
Nishkulanand snehi janane, Vash sada Bhagawan.

The enlightened ones and also the men of meditation have often received setbacks upon the earth. Such setbacks have been open secrets. What’s the use of knowledge if one doesn’t love Bhagawan Shree Sahajanandji? God is always ready to rise and rescue those who love Him. - declares Swami Nishkulanandji.

At Amod in Bharuch district in Gujarat there lived Dinanath Bhatt, a great scholar. He used to compose Sanskrit hymns and verses which he recited before Shreeji Maharaj. But unfortunately the seeds of doubt about the Godhead of Shreeji Maharaj were sown in his mind by Swami Nirvikalpanand, the unfortunate one, who was expelled from the Satsang, the group of followers.
Dinanath Bhatt, being thus misled, cultivated indifference towards the holy association and he gave up the divine protection offered by Shreeji Maharaj. An unholy spirit found a golden opportunity to enter the house of Dinanath Bhatt. But Dinanath Bhatt used to wave the holy lamp of Arti before the icon of Shreeji Maharaj and also recite the hymns in praise of Shreeji Maharaj. This barricaded the spirit from trespassing into the being of Dinanath Bhatt.

But Jamana, the daughter of Dinanath Bhatt was in the house. As she had discarded Shree Hari from her mind and soul and who was also expelled from the holy association, the evil spirit possessed her and started playing his evil part. He would take away household articles from her house, tear off her dress and throw excreta into the cooked food.

Thus the evil spirit terrorized her in every possible way. Dinanath Bhatt left no stone unturned to exorcise the spirit but it proved to be as futile as drawing a picture on a sheet of water.

At last Dinanath Bhatt realized his folly of forsaking Shreeji Maharaj and sought shelter at His holy feet and implored, “O my Master, O Merciful, I seek shelter at Your holy feet. As ill luck would have it, my daughter is possessed by a ghost but henceforth my daughter is at Your holy feet. The ghost has ruined her. O Master, order her to follow Your religious code and she will follow all religious practices but please, relieve her from this torture. Please, cast Your merciful glance at her."

With a gentle smile Shreeji Maharaj said, “You are a Brahmin, as good as a god! How can your daughter be possessed by an evil spirit?"

Said Dinanath Bhatt, “O, Help of the helpless! Even gods and Brahmins become helpless if they discard Your protection. But, from today, I have returned to protection under You. Please ignore all my trespasses."

Thus saying he bowed down at the holy feet of Shreeji Maharaj. The Lord cast graceful glance at Jamana and before the very presence of the devotees the evil spirit while wailing loudly left the body of Jamana. Hence Dinanath Bhatt sang before Shreeji Maharaj:

Bhava sambhav bheethi bhedanam, such sampath karuna niketanam.
Vrat dan tapaha kriya phalam, Sahjanand gurum bhaje sada.

I shall always be a devotee of Sahajanand, the great guru, who destroys the fear of births and rebirths, who is the cause of bliss, divine gift, compassion, and by Whose grace we receive the rewards for our vows, austerities etc.