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There always remained a rosary in the hands of Shriji Maharaj whenever he was holding a meeting with saints and satsangi. He went on counting the beads of rosary while talking or hearing. Sometimes he would leave a bead, sometimes even three, four or five beads of rosary at a time. This caused a surprise among the devotees. Once one of his devotees asked him, “Maharaj, we worship you, we count beads and chant your name, but whom do you worship and whose name are you chanting while counting beads of rosary?” Maharaj thought it an important question so he replied, “All of you come here and sit down and I will answer you.” All understood that they were going to get some deeper meaning from Maharaj.

So they all assembled near Maharaj. Maharaj said, “Satsangi who count the beads of rosary in our name and worship me, I , similarly, count the beads of rosary by chanting their names for their well being. We roam from village to village on foot, braving cold, heat and rain, only for their welfare. I want to make my devotees faultless. So meditating I count these beads of rosary for their welfare. This is my principle.” One of the devotees asked Maharaj, “But why do you leave, while counting beads of rosary, sometimes one bead and sometimes more than that, even three, four or five beads at a time?” Maharaj replied, “We remember different people of different villages. As you remember me when you have rosary with you and worship me, I also remember my staunch devotees and worship and count beads. If there is only one staunch devotee in a village, I will leave one bead, and if there are more, three, four or five. I remember them all and leave those many beads.” On hearing this the devotees said, “Oh how merciful Maharaj is! but here God Himself worships His devotees!”