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Paramatma completed his Chaturmas in Lojgam but still Ramanand Swami did not turn up, so Nilkanth became anxious to go to Bhuj and said:” Still Ramanand Swami has not come! Is my luck tough! Give me permission, I myself will go to Bhuj.” Muktanand Swami told Nilkanth: ” Varniraj! In Vaishak Vad Swami will surely come here. You are a great renounce. It is very difficult to go to Bhuj from here. There is a large gulf of Sea to be crossed in order to go there.If you are still anxious then let me write a letter to them. We will then act accordingly. Then Muktanand Swami started writing a letter to Bhuj. “ O filled with all the qualities, full of supernatural powers, to whom many devotees offer their services and residing in Bhuj at the moment, Ramanand Swami! I Muktanand bow to you.

I am writing from Loj nagar. By your divine grace everything is working peacefully. The reason for my writing this letter to you is that at the moment, from Koshal desh, a great sage have come to our Ashram, they are very divine and renounce like Shankara. They are merciful to everyone like monsoon rain. They are more beautiful than Kamdev and their name is Nilkanth. They are always in meditation. They are still entering in their youth, very tender and with beautiful speech do not think of anything else but Paramatma themselves. They have a deerskin, an old piece of cloth and a Tulsi mala with them in their possession. Sometimes they eat a little bit of grain, sometimes fruits and other times only water. They like spending all the six seasons below the tree. They do not like big palaces and houses.

Where a young age and where a condition of a siddha mahatma! O Gurudev, in front of the austerities and penance of this yogi, our own penance proves nothing. They know all the scriptures and by their one single question even great saints are puzzled. They also explain the questions asked by the assembly in details like you do. They also come to know if our mind is violated into any material items. They also do not get angry on the bad words by evil folks. Their heart is like butter and their body is even tender than a flower. All these qualities of a saint, we have not seen in anyone else but yourself and this Varniraj. We even doubt that you might have come in this form in order to test us all. O Gurudev! They are eagerly waiting for your darshan. At the moment we have kept them here with us. Please write to us whether or not to send them to you.” Writing this Muktanand Swami told Nilkanth Varni: “ I have written the letter.

You also write one. By reading your letter Swami will come very soon.” On hearing this from Muktanand, Lord took the pen in the right hand and sat in a quiet place and started writing the letter.“ O king of the kings, greatest of the gurus, very merciful to devotees and people, born from Ajay and Sumati in Brahmin family in Ayodhya, I bow at your feet. O lord! I have renounced all my family in Koshal desh and have come to your shelter in Lojgam after visiting many pilgrimages including Pulhashram. I only desire to see Paramatma in their divine form. To see them, I regularly do the fastings of the four months. Because of heavy fasting all year round, I have totally dried out.

I do all the ekadashis. I have given up the pleasures of all the senses, I have only bones and skin left in my body but have stayed alive to see you in person. I shun all the people who do not love god as said in scriptures. In Lojpur, the saints of your Sampraday are my everything at the moment. The rest of the people who do not believe in God are like beasts to me. Because of the importance of the devotion toward.