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The demons (evil spirits) did not like the birth of Lord Narayan. Some of the demons lived in Chapaiya. Kalidatta was the master of such demons. He was a Brahmin by caste but, his deeds were those of demons. He used to eat meat and drink liquor and he never observed the principles of ethics and good behaviou. He had many sorceresses / witches (evil goddesses). Kotara was the chief among them.

On the sixth day after the birth of Lord Narayan, these sorceresses found their way into the house of Dharmdev. Bhaktimata was entertaining her child in her lap at that time. Kotara snatched away the child form her lap, and disappeared with the child shouting, “Kill the child! Kill the child!” Bhaktimata began to weep. On hearing her weeping, Dharmdev also rushed to the scene. Hanumanji also appeared. He consoled Dharmdev and Bhaktimata: “Oh, Why are you weeping? Even Kal himself dreads the child, then what is the reach (capacity) of this insignificant Kotara?”

Hanumanji took a leap at that time. He caught hold of Kotara. Kotara gnshing her teeth, was, at that time, about to raise a weapon, the TRISHUL. She was about to strike the child. At that same moment, Hanumanji appeared there with a roar of “Jai Shri Rama.” The weapon -TRISHUL- gave way from Kotara’s hand when she saw Hanumanji. She ran to save her life. Hanumanji gave a sweep of his big tail at those sorceresses running away.

Hanumanji took the child Lord and came to Dharmdev’s place. He placed the child in the lap of the mother.
Dharmdev and Bhaktimata thanked Hanumanji.


Answer the following questions:

(a) Who was Kalidatta? Describe the qualities of a demon.

(b) Why did Kotara go to Dharmdev’s house?

(c) How did Hanumanji rescue the young Lord from Kotara?.