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Two hundred years ago, there were many small states in Saurashtra. Vadhawan was one of them. Thakor was the king of this state, but he was a nominal king. Actually his minister [Diwan] was all in all. The minister's name was Bhanji Mehta. Bhanji Mehta was jealous of Shriji Maharaj. He would slander Maharaj very often. There was a Sepoy [a policeman] under him. He was a Mohmedean [a Muslim]. His name was Kesarmiya. Kesarmiya had a great respects for Shriji Maharaj, so much that he would be ready to sacrifice his head for Shriji Maharaj. Once a Brahmin came to Bhanji Mehta. The brahmin requested him, “I wish to go on a pilgrimage to Dwarika. Give me some rupees.” Bhanji Mehta said, “I am prepared to give you as much as you want but on one condition, that you will abuse Shriji Maharaj, standing in the square of the village.”

The brahmins greed for money forced him to accept the condition and he accepted it. Kesarmiya warned him not to speak ill of Shriji Maharaj. The brahmin was afraid of Kesarmiya but his temptation for rupees did not vanish. He began to speak ill of Shriji Maharaj. “Shriji Maharaj is a hypocrite. He dissuades people, he misleads the people.” Kesarmiya warned him again and asked him to be silent. The brahmin took a fright but again he continued shouting, “Shriji Maharaj is a heretic.” Meantime Kesarmiya struck him hard on his head with a scabbard sword. The brahmin's turban rolled off and he was saved. Kesarmiya shouted, “This time I have thrown off your turban, but henceforth if you utter a single word, I will cut off your head off!” The Brahmin ran away.

Bhanji Mehta could not tolerate this. He ordered Kesarmiya, “Untie your sword belt and leave the service and go home.” Without any hesitation. Kesarmiya threw the sword belt away. Kesarmiya went home loaded the cart with his household belongings and prepared to leave the village. Kesarmiya had been serving the state for the last three generations. When Thakor came to know that Kesarmiya was leaving the village, he called Kesarmiya back and restored him with his service with due honour. Once Kesarmiya started, with some horsemen to arrest some robbers.

There on the way he passed near Gadhada ? He went for the darshan of Shriji Maharaj with his companion horsemen. Shriji Maharaj was holding a meeting under a Nimb tree at that time. Kesarmiya stood in a corner. Brahmananda Swami saw him and called him nearer. Kesarmiya went forward and bowed down his head before Shriji Maharaj. Maharaj was well conversant with Kesarmiya's feats. So he said, “Miya bhagat, please tell this meeting what had happened on that day.” Kesarmiya had come at once in full of spirit. He told what had happened and said, “I considered Maharaj my own, and how can I tolerate when somebody slanders Maharaj and I keep quiet ? ”

Maharaj smiled and said, “ Miya bhagat, where did you learn this from?” “From you”, replied Miya boldly. “You have always insisted on taking sides [favour] of God and his devotees. Never to leave the side of God or his bhakta, whether we are honoured or dishonoured, whether we live or die.” Shriji Maharaja's pleasure knew no bounds. He said, “Whosoever wants to worship God and if he gets the opportunity to worship God and to serve His devotees, must consider this the greatest luck. We should not worship God for getting peoples's praise, but we have to worship God leaving aside all considerations of honour. Such a worship of God is hardly done by anyone except Miyaji.”