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Once Shriji Maharaja came to Bhuj. His devotees welcomed Him with pomp and music. Maharaja was dressed in white. He was riding a horse. The procession came to Surajba's house. Maharaja encamped there. Surajba and other devotees did Maharaja's `AARTI' and took place. Then group repitition of prayer {DHUN} took place. After the prayer, Maharaja had a religious discourse {KATHA}. The whole day passed thus.

The next day Surajba prepared a floral swing and she swang Maharaja in it. Devotees sang devotional song and played devotional musical instruments {cymbals & drums}and celebrated the day. Many devotees from different distant villages came on this occasion. when the occasion was over, the villagers went to Maharaja for His DARSHAN and last blesings at their time of departure. They fell prostrate before Maharaja and said, “Maharaja, have mercy on us” Maharaja smiled and said, “you also have mercy on Me” All the devotees saluted Maharaja and departed. But at a certain distance, they thought; “We said to Maharaja to have mercy on us, but Maharaja said to us to have mercy on Him ?”

All stopped and began to look at one another's face, but no one could follow the meaning of what Mahraja had told. They said, “let us go back and ask Maharaja Himself.” So they returned to Maharaja and said “Maharaja we wanted your mercy and so we demanded it from you. But why did you ask for mercy from us ? You are least concerned with our mercy. Moreover, who are we to show mercy to you ? Maharaja heard this and smiled. He said “ How can you believe that I do not need your mercy ? And mercy can be shown by anyone.”

The devotees were now much confused. They said; “Maharaja, we do not understand it.” “Then please listen to me. I will explain it to you. How large is this body ? It is of three and half arms length {6 feet}isn't it ? And how large is our heart in it ? It is hardly of the size of your fist. In that small heart I live, in yours as well as of all. It is my home I have to live in that home. I like to stay there if it is neat and clean. So I advised you too have mercy on Me. Keep that house clean. Don't store in the heart vices like greed, temptation and treachery. I will not stay if you store these vices in it. Now, tell me yourself, don't I need so much mercy from you ? You can demand mercy from me as a right. Then don't I ask for mercy from you as my right ?” said Maharaja.

The devotees heard Maharaja and chocked with devotional emotion. They felt; “How much love!” Tears of joy rolled down their cheeks. They bow their heads at the feet of Maharaja. Such was Shriji Maraja ! Such were His devotees !

This lesson has been prepared from an incident “SHRI PURUSHOTTAM LEELAMRIT SAGAR” written by Sadguru Achyut Dasji Swami. The teacher is directed to show this volume to his students.