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There is a village near Ayodhya named Chapaiya. There lived Dharmdev with his wife Bhakti. Dharmdev was a man of great knowledge and was also a saint. Lord Narayan, according to his promise, was born on the earth. Lord Narayan was born in their house as a child on Monday on the ninth day of the month of Chaitra {Chaitra Sud Navami} in the VIKRAM era (beginning with 56 B.C.) 1887. It was the moment of the greatest joy for the happiness of the earth.

Gods and goddesses rushed to the earth to have the darshan of Lord Narayan in the form of a man, and began to shower flowers shouting, “Victory to thee, Victory to thee,” beating drums. Dharmdev’s courtyard, in front of his house, was full of the citizens. Dharmdev presented to the Brahmans, gold and cows. The Brahmins recited Vedic mantras. Joy was everywhere.

The newly born child presented a darshan of his divine form to his parents. Dharmdev and Bhaktimata saw, in their child, the most beautiful form of child Krishna (Bal Krishna). They prayed Bal Krishna with great devotion.

Bal Krishna said to Dharmdev, “you yourself are DharmPrajapati and Bhaktimata, your wife, is MurtiDevi. I have taken birth as your son to decrease the burden of sin on the earth.” Saying this, the Lord began to play like a child. Dharmdev and Bhaktimata began to fondle the child with great love. Chaitra Sud Navami [the ninth day of the month of Chaitra] means RamaNavami. One of the names of Shriji Maharaj is ‘Hari.’ So Rama Navami is also called HariNavami.


Can you answer the following questions

(a) Where was Shriji Maharaj born?

(b) When was Maharaj born?

(c) Why is Rama Navami also called Hari Navami?

(d) How did the gods, people, and Dharmdev express their joy on the birth of the Lord?

(e) What did the Lord say to his parents after giving them a darshan as BalKrishna?