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When God is born on the earth, he appears like a man. He will show his godliness on some specific occasion but not always. He always appears as an ordinary man. Child Ghanshyam appeared like other children. He would gather all his village companions and would play various types of games. He would cut a mango from a mango tree, cut pods (fruits) from a tamarind tree, and eat rose-apples from a Jambul tree. They would climb up a tree and would play various kinds of games such as AMBLI-PIPLI (HIDE AND SEEK) and such horse plays. They would go to swim in a river, and would play dip and dive race. They would play with cows and calfs, and also with monkeys.

When his mother, Bhaktimata, would smear the ground with mud, Ghanshyam would run away with the mud. On asking he would reply to his mother that he was besmearing the ground and if Ghanshyam walks on the wet ground, the mother scolds him but he would simply laugh. He would laugh in such a way as to create mother’s love and he would cing to his mother with muddy hands.

See the fun when Ghanshyam is angry. He would dive in a river and hide himself, or he would hide himself in a dark corner of a ghostly well. Fear was never to be found in Ghanshyam. Even the brave with a big mustache would not dare to go, Ghanshyam would go to such a place and sleep. Due to such childish games [BAL-LEELA] Ghanshyam was dear to everyone.

This lesson shows the secret of why people do not know when God is born on the earth. God seems like an ordinary man to the eyes of people except for his devotees.



Can you answer the following questions.

(a) Describe Ghanshyam’s child play.

(b) Describe child Ghanshyam’s fearlessness.