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Child Ghanshyam was familiar to all temples of Ayodhyapuri. Among them, the temples of Rama-Janma Bhoomi and Hanumanghadhi Ghanshyam liked the most. He went there for Darshan everyday. He used to sit to listen to the Katha and would participate in devotional songs. Once he went for Darshan to Hanumanghadhi. The Ramayan recital was going on at that time. So he sat in a corner to hear it. Soon the night-time arrived. Ghanshyam did not yet return home. Bhaktimata sent RamaPratapbhai in search of Ghanshyam.

RamaPratapbhai found Ghanshyam in Hanumangadhi and said slowly, “Come home, the mother calls you.” “I will come home as soon as this Katha is over,” replied Ghanshyam, “meanwhile would you please go to some other temple for Darshan?” Rama Pratapji went to some other temple for Darshan. The Bhagwat recital (Katha) was in progress. He saw there that Ghanshyam was sitting there in one corner. He was listening to it very attentively. The elder brother was surprised, “How did Ghanshyam reach here before me? I came here just now and I saw Ghanshyam in Hanumangadhi.”

On being sure that he was Ghanshyam himself, he went near him and whispered something to him, “Come home, the mother calls you.” “I am coming as soon as this recital (Katha) is over,” replied Ghanshyam. “Very well,” said Rama Pratapbhai, “meanwhile I will go to Shiv-Temple for darshan.” Saying thus, he went there. There the recital of ShivPuran was going on, and even here Ghanshyam was listening very attentively. Now, Rama Pratapbhai’s astonishment was greater, “How did Ghanshyam reach here earlier?” He went near him and whispered, “Come home, the mother calls you.” “Rama Pratapbhai,” said Ghanshyam, “please go to Hanumangadhi. I am coming there just now.”

The elder brother ran to the Hanumangadhi. He wanted to see how Ghanshyam reaches earlier than he. Rama Pratapbhai reached Hanumangadhi. He saw that the recital [ the Katha] was still going on and was about to be completed. Ghanshyam was still sitting in the same place where he was sitting formerly. “I saw Ghanshyam in the Shiv-temple and I see him here also! Which one is true?” thought Rama Pratapbhai. The recital was over. Ghanshyam stood up. He said, “Come on, my elder brother, let us go home.” The elder brother returned home with Ghanshyam. Such was child Ghanshyam’s Bal-Leela!
Ghanshyam is here. He is there. He is everywhere.


Can you answer the following questions.

(a) Where did Rama Pratapbhai go to search for child Ghanshyam?

(b) Where did Rama Pratapbhai see child Ghanshyam?

(c) What was child Ghanshyam doing when Rama Pratap saw him at different places?

(d) What idea might Rama Pratap have occurred form the above incident?