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Nilkantha Varni was fearlessly roaming in the great forest. He came near a mountain known as KALAPARBAT - a black mountain. The foot under the forest of this mountain was very dense. Even the sun rays could not pierce it so far. Varni was moving in such a forest He was all alone. The denser the forest the happier was Varni, such was his nature. He would live upon fruits, roots available to him and would drink the pure water of running brooks. He would happen to meet a tiger, a lion, or a wild animal, but he was not afraid of anything.

There would never be a difference in this walking even if the wild animals came in front of him, not only that but also his facial expression won't change. How fearless Varni was ! If any wild animal happened to come in his way face to face he would not budge even an inch in his way to allow the animal to pass! On the contrary the animal itself had either to run away or give way to Varni! This happened to Varni not once or twice, but many times. The eatables were not easy to find in such a forest. Even water was very scarce. Once Varni had to go without eating and drinking for three days.

On the fourth day he was so weak that he fell down unconscious. A little later he regained his consciousness, and again he began to walk. There came a river, he bathed in the river, drank its water and became fresh. He spread this deerskin under a banyan tree and sat there. He mentally recited Lord Hanuman's name. Hanumanji is a God who ever presents Himself before a person who remembers Him. He was present before Varni. Hanuman bowed Varni and offered him the fruits of the forest. Varni broke his four days' fast to day by eating the fruits.

This is a fine example of the fearlessness of Nilkantha Varni.