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Swami Muktananda, Swami Nishkulananda and Swami Brahmananda were all poets. Similarly Swami Shukananda was also a poet. Swami Shukananda composed poems in Sanskrit. Once he decided to please Maharaj by composing some poems. He wrote some poems and showed them to Maharaj. As soon as Maharaj took those poems in his hands, he threw them in water. Other poets would feel insulted by Maharaja's act, but Swami Shukananda was not offended. He wrote other poems. Maharaj threw them into water without even reading them. This continued for some time.

Swami Shukananda had no inkling about Maharaj. Maharaj asked him, “Don't you feel I am unappreciative?” “Not the least Maharaj,” came the reply from Swami Shukananda, “I was writing poems only to please you. You took pleasure in throwing all my poems into water. Your pleasure was mine pleasure. My pleasure consisted of your pleasure, hence why should I feel insulted?” Shriji Maharaj was much pleased with Swami Shukananda who found pleasure in pleasing Shriji Maharaj. Swami Shukananda (Shuk Muni) belonged to the village named `Dabhan'. So Maharaj very fondly called him `Dabhanio Sadhu', and Maharaj used to say, “This Dabhanio sadhu is very useful to me.” Whoever finds pleasure in the pleasure of Shriji Maharaj is a very useful person.

A poet loves his poems as parents love their children, and if anyone neglects his poem, the poet feels offended. Shuk Muni was a poet. He considered Maharaja's wishes as his own. That's why even though Maharaj neglected his poems, Shuk Muni never felt insulted. This is called devotion.

What do you think is the reason of Maharaja's throwing away all Shuk Muni's poems into water? [it was to find out whether Shuk Muni is displeased or not. If he feels offended, it will be a defect of a sadhu.