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Rama, Sita and Lakshaman went to Jungle. Thereafter King Dasharatha dies. Bharat, at that time was spending his time at his maternal uncle's place far away. He returned from there immediately. His mother Kaikeyi said to him, “ My dear son, you have now become the king of Ayodhya. Your father has given Rama fourteen years stay in the forest and you have been given the kingdom of Ayodhya.” “ Where's my father ? “, asked Bharat. “ He had died after sending Rama to forest. His cremation is going to be performed by your hands today”, replied Kaikeyi.

The news was like a bolt from the blue to Bharat. He suffered pain as if bitten by a poisonous snake. He said, “ Why did my father punished so severely to Rama ?. Did Rama Insult any woman ?. Was anybody wronged by him ?.”. Kaikeyi smiled and said, “ No, no, I myself asked for kingdom for you and the stay in the jungle for Rama.” Bharat burnt with anger and on hearing this. He asked, “ For my benefit ?. Where was my benefit or welfare in sending Rama to jungle ?. What should I do ?. You are my mother. Rama also calls you a mother. Rama obeyed his father and showed his filial love for his father. Dasharatha sacrificed his life and thus showed his love for the son. Laxman accompanied his brother Rama jungle and thus expressed his love for his brother. Sita showed her love for her husband. I am the only person most unlucky. People would say that Bharat might have accomplice in the plot with his mother. Saying thus he fell down nuconcious.

When he regained his consciousness, he went to see mother Kaushalya and mother Sumitra. But he could not control himself. He started, “ If I am involved in this conspiracy, let me suffer the consequence of the sin of kicking a sleeping cow. Let me suffer the sin of driving away the Brahmins without giving them the alms. Let me suffer the sin of eating sweets leaving aside of the relatives such as the wife, the son and the household servants. Let me suffer the sin of breech of promise. Let me suffer the sin of using religion for my own selfish purpose.”

After saying these words his head began to reel and fell down unconscious. Mother Kausalya took him into her lap and consoled him. After cremating his father, he was told by the minister to take charge of the throne. But Bharat said, “ Rama will be a king and I will go to jungle in his place. I am going and I will bring him here. If Rama does not come, I will not return home.” Kaikeyi now repended much. So she accompanied Bharat alog with Kaushalya and Sumitra. Many Rishis, Munis, and other dignitaries joined them. Rama had been encamping on the Chitrakoot at that time. On seeing Bharat with a large army Laxman thought that Bharat had been coming instigated by Kaikeyi to destroy Rama. So Laxman angrily told Rama, “ Let him come. I will easily floor him down like an elephant that throws down any big tree in a wink of an eye.”

Rama told him patiently, “ Laxman, you underestimate Bharat.” Mean while Bharat arrived. He ran fast the destination and fell at the feet of Rama. He wept so hard that his tears washed Rama's feet. Rama fondly took him to his sides. Bharata cried aloud and said, “ I bow my head at your feet and request you earnestly that you take care of the kingdom of Ayodhya.” “ For the sake of a trifle and insignificant kingdom, I am not going to break the vow to my father. you also obey the father's command,” said Rama. “ The father handed over the kingdom to me. I accept it. Now I dedicate it to you. My mother Kaikeyi did some unbecoming deed,” replied Bharat.

Rama stopped him speaking and said, “ Mother Kaikeyi is not at fault in this. Mother Kaikeyi is not responsible in sending me to jungle. It is the time, and time ( KAL ) only. A ripe fruit is bound to fall down. Similarly We have to suffer the consequences of our deeds. A new house is also one day going to be old. Hence, removing all sorrows, take care of your kingdom.

Kaikeyi now had a much repentance. She ran and fell at the feet of Rama. Rama stopped her falling at his feet and instead Rama himself fell at her feet. Kaikeyi said, “ My dear son, pardon me , please come back and take charge of the throne. I command you as your mother.”

I will not disobey you, mother. But my father has given you two promises, and if I do not fulfil them my father would be threat me as a liar. How can I be fraudulent of the trust deposited in me ? said Rama. Rishi Vashhishatha also tried hard to persuade Rama, but all in vain. At last, Bharat said, “ If you don't return, I will renounce all food and water.” “ You are a KSHATRIYA [ a warrior] Don't be disappointed and leave all this stubbornness,” said Rama. Bharat knew this, so he told, “ You please come and accept the charge of the kingdom. Then you are free to put anyone you like.”

Rama declared serenely “ let the mosquito destroy the greatest mountain Meru. Let the hare drink the ocean. But I will not break my father's vow.” Bharat said, “ And I will not sit on your throne.” “ Then you will look after the kingdom as my representative,” demanded Rama. Bharat was pleased and said, `' give me your PADUKAS. I will install them on the throne. Rama at once condescended and gave his Padukas to Bharat. Bharat received them with reverence and putting them reverently on his head said, `' I, Lord Rama's younger brother do hereby pledge that, entrusting the administration of this kingdom to this Padukas, I will stay away from this city for fourteen years. I will put on VALKALS [dress made from bark of tears] and matted hair on the head. I will live upon the roots and fruits of trees. I will sleep on floor, and on the very first day of the fifteenth year I will enter into the fire if I fail to have Darshana of Rama.”

Complete silence spread over the audience. Tears rolled onto their cheeks. Bharat returned with Padukas on elephant. But he did not live in Ayodhya. He remained on the outskirts in the Nandigram. He gave a bath to Padukas [ ABHISHEKA] he installed them on the throne as Rama's representative and ruled the administration on his behalf for fourteen years.

Everybody knows the story of the Ramayana. King Dasharatha of Ayodhya had three queens named Kaushalya, Sumitra, and Kaikeyi. Rama was the son of Kaushalya. Lakshaman and Satrughna were sons of Sumitra and Bharat was the son the third and youngest queen Kaikeyi. Rama was to be coronation as king, Kaikeyi asked for two boons from king Dasharatha on the night before the day of coronation. “ Send Rama to jungle for fourteen years and make Bharat a king”. This lesson tells us the story what happened after that.

See how many great sins have been thought of by Bharat in this lesson. We learn from that how we have to behave. The householder [GRIHASTHA] should take his meal only after catering food to his parents, household, servant, wife and his son. It is not proper to serve simple food like leaves to servants and sweets for himself ! The cow is called the mother she should not be even touched with a stick; thus how sinful it is to kick her ! ever deny water to thursty and food to the hungry. A selfish work can not be achieved in the name of religion. Once confidence of rivers, wells and other reservoirs. Hay-staked should never be burnt.

Bharat wants to know what was Rama's crime that his father punished Rama so severely. It is an offence to punish the faultless. Similarly, to insult any lady was considered an offence in King Dasharatha's reign. We are thus informed about the high standards of justice and ethics in the society.