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Shriji Maharaj opposed the addiction to intoxicating drugs like tobacco, ganja, opium or hashish. He also disliked the habit of pan chewing. There were numerous devotees in worship of Maharaj. There were some brave persons. Bhaguji, Ratanji and Bechar Chavda were such brave devotees. they always remained with Maharaj as his Parshads and served Maharaj. Bechar Chavda was totally disappointed after Shriji Maharaja's attainment of the kingdom of God [Swadham when Maharaj died]. He came to Morvi and settled there.Morvi king very well knew how brave and clever at using sword and shield Bechar Chavda was. So he called for him and gave him service as his personal guard [body guard]. The king was pleased with his service.

On the new years day, the king held a darbar [meeting] where many important officers and courtiers were present. Traditional drinks prepared from opium [kasumbo] were served. Everyone drank it and offered it to others. Only Bechar Chavda remained aloof. Some of the courtiers demanded, “O king! Everyone present in the court must drink this. Bechar Chavda must drink it here.” The king himself poured some opium drink in centre of his palm and offered it to Bechar, “Please take this!” Bechar Chavda refused, “O king, I never take it.” Soon one of the king attendants said, “O Bechar, have you any sense? Don't push back the king's hand on this New year's Day.” The king was thus encouraged. He again insisted Bechar to have it. Bechar now knew that he was quite helpless here, still he decided not to take it. He thought, “I am Maharaja's devotee.

There will be a blot on the good name of Maharaj if I accept the drink.” He at last firmly decided. He said to the king, “Please wait, first do this!” Saying thus, he drew the sword and handed it to the king. “First of all cut my head with this sword and then you are free to pour any amount of that drink into my mouth and I won't speak anything.” The king was stunned to see Bechar Chavda's preparedness to die before a single drop touches his tongue.All those who jested at Bechar were silent. The king withdrew his hand. The king had no interest left in drinking it and offering the drink to others. He heartily wished Bechar good wishes. He heartily bowed down his head to Shriji Maharaj who made Bechar Chavda so unyielding.

Commandment of Shikshaptri (18)

My followers, male or female, shall not consume intoxicants such as hashish.

Here is an illustration [in this lesson] of how yielding and brave Shriji Maharaja's follower is. An ordinary servant can push back even the king's hand and is prepared to offer his head only to stick to his vow.

Addiction is a bad habit.