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Varniji crossed the black mountain and proceeded further. White Mountain was seen from a distance Varni was pushing ahead towards the mountain. All of a sudden there came out many lions from the dense forest and stood before Varni. “Welcome! ? ” said Varni. Varni sat there and there, the lions sat around him. Varni began to caress the lions bodies by turn. Meanwhile from the opposite side of the hill some sadhus and ascetics seem to come towards Varni.

On seeing the lions sitting on their way, sadhus took to their heels. But one of the ascetics could easily make out Varni sitting in the centre surrounded by the lions. So he shouted to other running away sadhus, “O, all these are trained lions, like dogs. We should not be afraid of them.” All the ascetics collected their courage and came near Varni. They offered the fruits. Varni fed all the fruits to the lions with his own hands.

On seeing this, all the ascetics returned to their original nature and cried, “ Are they lions ? They are dogs.” Varni could easily know the hypocricy of the sadhus. Varni winked at the lions and said, “O lions, these people call you dogs. Are you dogs ?” The lions roared like the thunder from the sky and all the lions were on their feet. The ascetics knew that the death was at their door. The lions will not let them go free without devouring them. “Save us, save us”, they shouted and fell at Varni's feet. Varni took pity on them, and he at once silenced all the lions. Again all the lions were at Varni's feet. On one side the ascetics began to embrace Varni, and on the other side all the lions embraced Varni!.