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There is a small village named Kathlal in Gujarat. There lived an old Brahmin woman named Rambai. She was the only devotee of Shriji Maharaj in the whole village. So the people laughed at her, mocked at her and insulted her. But the old woman never took it at heart. If the people criticized her, she would say that she was very weak. So by doing this, people try to torture her mentally in taking the name of God. At this old age, she had to do all chores. She even had to go to fetch water.

Once Maharaj was visiting Gujarat. He passed through the outskirts of Kathlal. He was in hurry to reach elsewhere. So he did not enter the village. Women were drawing water from the well on the outskirts of the village. He saw it. After some time, Rambai arrived to draw water at this well. She drew water, filled the pitcher and put it on her head. At that time another woman said: “Your Swaminaranyan just now passed through here.”

On hearing this, the old Rambai began to run with the pot full of water on her head. She began to shout: “Maharaj. please stop, please stop.” Maharaj was riding the horse along with other devotees. He heard this shouting. The old Rambai reached there very fast. She was out of breath. So she could not stand. She sat down on the floor. Then she took down the pitcher from her head, bowed to Maharaj and politely said: “You have avoided my house on the way, Maharaj, and directly proceeded further.”

Maharaj said, “Can't help it, we have to reach very fast elsewhere.” The old woman offered him water. Maharaj accepted the water from her pot. Now she said: “The water of this pot has become a present/ offerings from you.” Maharaj smiled and said, “If it is so, what will you do of this water?”

“I will pour it in the well of the village. The whole village will drink this water which is a present from you. Then I will not be the only devotee of Maharaj. The whole village will become your devotees. At that time I will see how can you avoid the whole village as you avoided my house at present.” All the devotees accompanying Maharaj were amazed at the faith of Rambai in Maharaj, and Maharaj too was highly pleased.

Maharaj blessed her: “Ma, let your good company always be fruitful.” And this association turned out to be fruitful to such an extent that Maharaj himself remembered Rambai in his GOSPELS and affirmed that if there be a devotee of God, he should be like the old woman of Kathlal. He would never be overjoyed if his body is guarded by God, and he will, at the same time never be displeased, if not protected by God. He wishes to see his body fall by hard work. Let the tiger devour him, let the snake bite him, be killed by a weapon, drown in water, in whatever way he may die, but he will always take it for granted he is surely to achieve/attain God's kingdom. Such a person is really the devotee of God. !

On other occasion, Maharaj has said in his GOSPEL “ Such a devotee of God happens to be sent to gallows, and by chance we happen to be present near him, yet there will not even a slight idea in his mind that this God will protect him from the miseries of the gallows. He will suffer whatever is in his lot.” God is very much pleased with such devotees.

This lesson has been prepared on the basis of third gospel of Loya. In this gospel it has been very clearly mentioned that a devotee's faith in God never shakes even in the time of utmost difficulty. The whole village is against her, yet Rambai's faith in Maharaj is firm. The old woman is not angry with anyone. One the other hand she is a wellwisher of the whole village by extending the gesture of offering of water presented to her by Maharaj.