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There was an old woman. Once her son fell sick. The old woman took a vow, “I will present rupees two and a quarter (Rs 2.25) to Maharaj, if my son is alright - regains his health. The son soon recovered. The old woman invited Maharaj. She served him a meal lovingly. Then she presented the offering at Maharaj's feet. Maharaj saw that the sum was not as she had desired to offer. It was less than she had vowed. He said, “Ma, why it is so? You had taken a vow to offer me rupees two and a quarter (Rs 2.25).”

She was startled that Maharaj knew everything even without her telling.

She joined her hands and said, “Maharaj, I am very poor. I had saved the amount as per my vow, but I invited you to a meal and I had to spend a little after it. That much amount is missing there.” “Ma, never remember me or invite me under the excuse of offering,” said Maharaj smilingly, “and if decided to offer a fix amount, offer it as fixed.” Once you fix the amount to offer, then you have no right on it. You should not spend it otherwise. And if you spend it, you have cheated God. So don't do such thing again!

Thus she completed the fixed amount somehow or other even by borrowing the remaining amount, and repeatedly bowed down her head at the feet of Maharaj. Maharaj was pleased at her and blessed her.