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There was a small village on the sea-shore. There lived a Brahmin. He had much faith in God. Once he had to travel across the sea. While returning from the journey, his ship had a mishap. The ship dashed against the rock in the sea. There was a hole in the ship and the sea-water began to enter into the ship. The ship was liable to be sunk if filled with water, and all the passengers would be drowned with it. Hence all the passengers jumped out of the ship to save their lives. But death was only before them. There were many ferocious crocodiles and some were drowned after struggling hard to servive. Only one man was saved. He was the same Brahmin of this lesson.

He had luckily found a plank drifting in the sea-water. He reached with its help the shore and was thus saved. “ As god pleased. Not leaf flutters without the will of God,” said the Brahmin. Many years had passed after this accurance. This Brahmin had now become old. His son venture on the sea. Once his son, While returning from the sea-voyage his ship had an accident. All, to save their lives, jumped out of the ship. The shore was closed by. There were no ferocious equatic animals. So many of them reached the shore very safe.

But one of them drowned. That was the son of that Brahmin. When the Brahmin received this news, He said, “ As is the will of God. Not a leaf flutters without His will.”. People said, “ O Bhakta rebuke god a little and ask Him, Why He had done that.”.

“ God did it what He liked. Can we regard Him merciless ?”, Answered the Brahmin. The people said, “ No, not at all. How can we regard Him merciless ? He is very kind.” “ Well then all drowned and I was saved. it was god's mercy. similarly, in this case all have been saved except my son, it is also god's mercy.” All were spell-bound on seeing the Brahmin's firm faith in god.

We all say that god is merciful but at the time of test we all loose patience. Shriji Maharaja, in the chapter entitled “ KARAYANI ” of the VACHANAMRIT, says, “ God whom a devotee worships is expected by the devotee to protect him against any troubles, but the devotee must not be enjoyed by it, and in case, if not protected should never be displeased with god. On the other hand, the devotee must worship god carefully. When such a devotee dies naturally, or with some hardship, or devoured by a tiger, or if bitten by a snake, or if wounded by armour, or if drowned in water, in short if he dies in any way, he shall know that god's devotee shall have no reverse motion. Surely, he shall attain god's kingdom. On the contrary, the person, who is against god when dies though with all honour and in the heap of sandal-wood, he gets the place only in the Hell.”

Maharaja has shown to us the type of faith in God we should have.