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Father: Jeejeebhai (Poojari at Shiva Mandir)
Mother: Benjeeba
Birth Place: Barol
Born: Kartik Sud 15, VS 1859.
Birth Name: Devidan

One day Devidan's father had to go out so he left Devidan in charge of the Shiva mandir. Lord Shiva apeared from the Murti and asked what He can do for Devidan. Devidan asked Lord Shiva for Antyantik Kaalyan. Lord Shiva replied, "the almighty Lord travels the Earth these days, He will give you Moksha and will be visiting Badol soon. You will identify Him as He will be able lick his elbow." When Lord Swaminarayan visited Badol, Devidan went to have darshan of Him. Lord Swaminarayan was urged to accept some food from villagers. He accepted the food which was porridge. Devidan was watching Bhagwan eat the porridge, then he saw the porridge drip down the elbow of Swaminarayan Bhagwan. Bhagwan licked his elbow and Devidan remembered what Lord Shiva had said to him.

Devidan become a devotee of Swaminarayan Bhagwan and joined Him. Devidan became a Parsad and was taught the art of poetry and music by Bhramanand Swami. He got Bhagwati Diksha and got named Devanand Swami.

Devanand Swami was respected by all followers as he observed obsolete celibacy, deep devotion to Lord Swaminarayan and saintliness towards other saints. Devanand Swami was one of the eight leading poets.

After Brahmanand Swami passed away Devanand Swami became the Mahant of Muli temple. Devanand Swami composed many kirtans which can be found in Devanand Kavya.

Devanand Swami passed away in Shraavan Vad 10, VS 1910 in Muli.