Suvarna Vagha Arpan

20th April 2023

Suvarna Vagha Arpan Vidhi was a grand ceremony that took place in the Sabha Mandap at Shree Narnarayandev Dvishatabdi Mahotsav, where devotees from across the world gathered to witness the auspicious event. The ceremony was dedicated to the creation of golden ornaments and clothes for the idols of the Lord in Bhuj Mandir. The skilled artisans worked tirelessly to create intricate designs and patterns using pure gold, transforming the idols into a sight of divine opulence. The devotees were left in awe as they witnessed the breathtaking beauty of the idols adorned in golden finery. The Suvarna Vagha Arpan Vidhi ceremony was a remarkable testament to the devotion of the worshippers and the skill of the artisans who brought the divine creations to life.

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