Bhuj Yatra Prasadi Sthan Tour

Are you attending the Utsav? If so, don’t miss the chance to experience the wonder and beauty of Bhuj Yatra, a journey through time and space that explores the divine pastimes of Lord Swaminarayan and His beloved devotees. Immerse yourself in the rich and divine history of Bhuj by visiting over 25 prasadi sthans (divine locations), each with its own unique story and significance.

By reliving these divine pastimes of Lord Swaminarayan up close and personal, you'll learn and experience the history behind each prasadi sthan, and deepen your understanding of our divine history. You'll also intensify your love for Lord Swaminarayan as you immortalize these divine pastimes in your heart. Don't miss out on this incredible experience at Utsav. Contact the Utsav information desk for further information on how and where to book your Yatra.

Ladhiba no delo

Witness the devotion of a devotee who surrendered everything for Lord Swaminarayan.

Ghost tree

See the huge pipal tree that was once home to ghosts who were freed from their misery by Lord Swaminarayan’s grace.

Gangaramal no akhado​​

Feel the power of the training centre of a wrestler devotee who used his strength to serve Lord Swaminarayan.


Don’t miss this tranquil spot where the Lord, His Saints, and devotees went for daily swims and water activities.

Gangajadiyo Kuvo​

Visit the famous well where Lord Swaminarayan personally bathed and feel the presence of the divine.

Download the Yatra App

The development of the “Swaminarayan Yatra” app required a significant amount of effort to enable devotees to explore different tirth stans and comprehend their significance. We suggest you download this app to prepare for your Bhuj Yatra or plan your own Yatra if you prefer to travel independently and using your own means of transportation.

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