Mahapuja &

Held on the grounds of Badrikashram

The Shree Narnarayandev Dvishatabdi Mahotsav is a grand celebration that is currently underway in Bhuj, marking the 200th anniversary of Shree Narnarayandev. One of the highlights of this auspicious occasion is the Mahapuja & Mahaanushtan, a sacred ritual that is being conducted during the Mahotsav.

The Mahapuja & Mahaanushtan is a ceremony of great significance in Hinduism, where devotees offer prayers and offerings to the Lord with utmost devotion and purity of heart. This ritual is being performed with great fervor and devotion, attracting thousands of devotees from across the world.

The atmosphere at the pujan is charged with spiritual energy, as the sound of hymns and chants fill the air. The Mahapuja & Mahaanushtan ritual is being conducted with great care and attention to detail, with saints meticulously following the ancient Vedic traditions.

The Shree Narnarayandev Dvishatabdi Mahotsav is a time of great joy and celebration for the devotees of Shree Narnarayandev, and the Mahapuja & Mahaanushtan ritual is an integral part of this celebration. It is a truly awe-inspiring experience that fills the hearts of the devotees with love and devotion towards the divine.

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