Day 2 - Sabha Mandap

19th April 2023

The second day of the Shree Narnarayandev Dvishatabdi Mahotsav was marked by a special recital of Shreemad Satsangi Jeevan by Swami Shree Golokvihari Dasji. The event took place in the presence of His Hooliness Acharya 1008 Shri Koshalendraprasadji Maharaj, adding a sense of divine energy to the proceedings. The recital was a powerful reminder of the teachings of the Swaminarayan faith and provided an opportunity for attendees to deepen their spiritual understanding. The organisers also expressed their appreciation to the donors who generously contributed to making the Mahotsav possible. Their support ensured that the event could be held in a grand and meaningful manner, and their contributions were acknowledged with gratitude.

In addition, the day also featured a book launch. Several books were introduced, including ones specifically designed for children in English, Gujarati, and Sanskrit. These books serve as valuable resources for children to learn more about the Swaminarayan faith and its teachings in an accessible and engaging manner. The launch of these books was a significant moment for the community, as it demonstrates a commitment to education and the passing down of cultural and spiritual traditions to future generations.

Overall, the second day of the Mahotsav was a memorable occasion for all those who attended, filled with spiritual and cultural significance.

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